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Healthy meat-free meals which are great for your lunch or dinner

At Seedology, we are strong believers that by eating healthy and nutritious superfoods, we are not only benefiting our lives but the earth and its beings too.
Seedology's mission is to evolve the way we think,the way we eat and ultimately the way we live, by offering you the choice to experience a better you.


A place that serves healthy blend of fruits And seeds, hence the name! From Salads to fulfilling Acai Bowls, from guilt free desserts to healthy sandwiches, This place serves everything to satisfy that health freak inside you!

Nicole & Shelton

We have never been healthy eaters, since most of the "healthy" food we have ended up eating simply hasn't tasted as nice.Seedology has changed that with their newly introduced Acai Bowls and fresh Juices. Went by this quirky joint to check out what all the fuss was about and boy did we love it!


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